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Curichapo Lodge, home base to Headwaters Fishing Club (HFC), is located on a 14,500 acre privately owned peninsula in southeastern Venezuela with the 3,000,000 acre Lake Guri to the north and La Paragua River to the south. The HFC fishing area includes over 200,000 acres of peacock bass and payara infested water. The average water depth in the HFC area is a fishable 20 feet.

Headwaters Fishing Club boasts some of the finest year round peacock bass fishing in South America. Their topwater strikes are explosions you can only imagine until you have experienced it, but the best part is that they will strike almost any bait in your box with impartiality. Being finicky is not one of their strong traits. Ninety per cent of all HFC fishermen have landed at least a ten-pound fish on each and every trip due to an abundance of 10-15lb peacock bass available. The area produces many fish in the super size category, but fishermen who have hooked and done battle with these monsters will attest to their fighting and tackle busting ability. The unofficial Lake Guri record is a 23lb 4oz caught by Raymond Thompson in November of 2000 at HFC. Local hand-line fishermen claim much larger fish, but none has been authenticated. The abundance of baitfish in the HFC area grows peacock bass, which are on an average 3 inches shorter than their jungle river cousins and still weigh as much or more. This also produces fish that never cease to amaze you at their strength and endurance. The camp has had 9 trophy fish larger than 20lbs caught in it's waters.

During the months of May June, and July, HFC payara season is in full swing. Known by their nickname of “Dracula Fish”, these slashers of the Amazon, which grow to sizes in excess of 40lbs, are an exciting addition to the already great fishing you will experience at HFC. Similar in fight to a tarpon, these fish congregate yearly in the rapids formed by the first heavy storms of rainy season. Their strike is awesome, and their leaping ability world class. The world record 39lb payara comes from the same river in which we fish, the La Paragua.

Opened for business in 1994, American owned and operated, HFC is legendary with the oilfield workers based in Venezuela for its great fishing and outstanding food. HFC has a maximum camp occupancy of eight persons, which allows us to give personalized service to each and every customer.

The relaxed atmosphere at HFC is enhanced by the fact that we are the only private land on Lake Guri, and at high water your boat is waiting a mere 20 yards from your doorstep. Our close proximity to the best fish grounds around allow you to fish, and not waste your time making long boat rides. This also allows those who wish to return quickly to the camp for a hot lunch and siesta before returning for an afternoon fishing adventure. HFC fishermen usually average 8-10 hours of quality fishing a day.

Accommodations at Curichapo Lodge are private thatched roofed bungalows with air conditioning, private bathrooms with hot/cold running water. Twin 50 kw generators providing a steady 110 volt power supply for charging camera batteries or running a hairdryer provide all electric power. All rooms comfortably handle 2-3 persons.

Our main lodge building is a large thatched roofed, rock walled structure, which allows you to enjoy the most agreeable climate you can imagine while enjoying an evening cocktail and swapping fish stories. Year round temperatures range from 65-70 degrees at night, and a comfortable 85-90 degrees during the day. We do not have a problem with mosquitoes or no-see-ums, which you find in most jungle camps. HFC has 24-hour telephone service available for our customers, and are working on the availability of Internet access.

If losing weight is on your list of things to do while fishing at HFC, lotsa luck to you. We boast some of the finest food prepared anywhere in South America. Using a mixture of American and Latin recipes, we have come up with a menu that will please you and very likely expand your waistline. You might want to save a little room at dinner though, because our evening specialty is hand-cranked homemade ice cream.

Your fishing is done in specially customized 20ft x 8ft aluminum boats. These boats are designed to give a comfortable and dry ride in rough weather conditions, while allowing you to fish even the shallowest water. All boats have raised, carpeted fishing platforms front and rear, large dry storage, 30 gal. livewell, all safety equipment, 60hp Yamaha engines, Minn-Kota 52lb thrust trolling motors, and an experienced guide to assist you in your search for your dream fish. All boats are equipped with a marine band VHF radio for full-time communication with your fishing buddies in other boats and the camp.