We're Baaaaaaaaaack                             Steve Shoulders

Greeting Fisherfolk,

Ya'll have probably been thinking to yourselves, "Dat boy done gone an got plumb losted on his way back from duh outhouse." Then again, you might have been saying, "Good riddance to bad writing." Well, whatever your thoughts on the matter, we are back and are chomping at the bit to start seeing your smiling faces at the camp again.

For the past fifteen months, HFC has been embroiled in a court battle over the land where our main camp is situated. From a truly ignorant beginning in the workings of the Venezuelan judicial system, I can now qualify for a doctorate in the same.

Headwaters Fishing Club is extremely happy to announce that as of February 1st (2005) we will be again accepting reservations for the finest year-round fishing available anywhere at our main camp. For the past decade we at HFC have been producing more numbers and trophy size peacock bass than any other fishing camp we know of in Latin America. An HFC client, Larry Jackson, currently holds the unofficial Guri Lake peacock bass record with a 25lb 6oz monster caught last July from our temporary camp to his credit. It also goes without saying that the HFC food and service will remain as good as ever, since both our cook, Joanna, and Joseph, the famous HFC butler/waiter, are still on the team. Although the dates of February 4th-11th (2005) is already booked up, there are many quality dates available for you to come see us and try your luck at Latin America's most ferocious fighting sportfish, the peacock bass.

For those who haven't heard, Lake Guri finally filled up to maximum depth for the first time in four years. This translates into fantastic topwater peacock bass action in all the many shallow coves surrounding the HFC camp. The low water of past years had forced the majority of the peacock bass to migrate far out into the main lake itself, but with the high water now available the fish are returning to their old stomping grounds. We at HFC know this area well, and, as always, our guides are ready to put their clients on the trophy fish of their dreams.

It would be erroneous to state that there aren't certain entities on Lake Guri who wish we would disappear forever, since HFC has always been the benchmark by which all other camps per man hour fish production and client satisfaction were judged. All I can say to these folks is, "We're back, and we're going to be better than ever." As has been our practice in the past, we will gladly work along with anyone acting without malice toward us, but will confront with all means at our disposal anyone who wishes to harm to our business. We expect a certain amount of misinformation to be spread concerning our reopening, but anyone wanting the straight poop just needs to ask us directly, and we will answer any of your questions concerning this matter.

My family are planning a huge celebration party for when I finally leave the house for the camp. It can truthfully be said that I wore out my welcome at home about ten months ago. Lately I have been having to drag one of the pups out of the dog pen to taste my food before each meal out of fear of someone poisoning me. It seems as if every time I stroll through he house now, all you can hear are doors slamming and locks turning. I do believe I'm good at being a parttime (a.k.a. A day or two every few weeks) family man, but my presence on a daily basis has definitely brought out the homicidal tendencies amongst my family members. Go figure, huh?

Folks, we at HFC need your support to continue providing for you the action a fisherman's dreams are made of, so please contact us with your proposed trip dates and let us help plan your dream fishing trip. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Ya'll have a safe and happy holiday season, and we hope to see each and every one of you soon.

Steve Shoulders, December 21, 2005