Mental Fishing                             Steve Shoulders

Greeting Fisherfolk,

I just returned from enjoying three days of fun fishing with three new HFC customers. Sean Smith, his father, Patrick, and a close family friend, Dr. Ted Krell joined the many other who have fallen in love with peacock bash fishing and the Headwaters Fishing Club experience.

Now it just so happens that Dr. Krell, a Baytown, Texas psychiatrist, just happened to wind up as my fishing partner for the weekend, and I think I can safely say he may never be the same again. Since for the first time in my life I had a person knowledgeable about the workings of a slightly warped mind captive in my boat, I figured what the heck and unburdened my soul on him. Now I don't rightly recall ever having one of my customers begin crying like a baby and beg to be taken back to the camp after less than an hour of fishing with me, but the Doc did. He kept on mumbling something about having found a textbook case with the medical name being some word that was way too big for me to remember, but he allowed as to how his fellow doctors would spend the next couple of years on it. Being an observant kinda feller, I did mention to the Doc that he might want to get the nervous twitch, which he seemed to have picked up during our time together, checked out upon his return to the U.S.

Seriously, we all had a great couple of days fishing with none other than the now famous Doctor Ted leading the pack with a big bruiser of a peacock bass. He quit crying long enough for me to take this photo. In all we boated five fish over 10lbs, and managed to land another seven fish from 8-9lbs. The final morning of fishing the Doc and I boated seventeen peacock bass from 5-13lbs in two hours, and lost three other large fish right next to the boat when they managed to do their Houdini throw the hooks out trick.

Stickbaits, such as the Bomber Long A in the model 15A series, were the biggest producers. Most fish we caught were in the heavily timbered areas surrounding submerged islands. The Rebel Minnow and the Strike King Thruster Tail also produced some fine quality fish. The fish in the more open areas still haven't schooled up again since the spawn, but the fish out in the heavy jungle were definitely schooled up and feeding in 6-8ft of water just out from the islands.

Well folks, the spawn is now over, the fish are going back to their old feeding habits on a daily basis, and about all I can say to you is that you really ought to break free and see it for yourself. Just drop me an email or give me a call and we will work together to plan out a great fishing experience for you.

By the way, when the trip was about to end I asked the Doc what he thought of my mental state, and boy was I happy when he just stared into the heavens and shook his head. I knew he was telling me that thank God there was nothing wrong. So to all my friends who have offered differing opinions on the subject, I would just like to say I told you all before that I wasn't as unbalanced as you said.

Steve Shoulders, April 6, 2005