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Fishing HFC waters requires special tackle. The monster fish will just eat small-mouth lures and snap medium weight line. A typical peacock bass tackle box includes everything from topwater Jumping Minnows and Peacock Bass lures to spoons and Rapalas. HFC caters to all classes of fishermen, whether they use casting, spinning, or fly-fishing gear. Since we recognize that each fisherman has his or her favorite style of fishing, our guides are experienced in all three styles. Here are a few suggestions to make your trip a successful one.

RODS - Bait casting and spinning rods should be 6-7ft in length with a medium-heavy action. A rod with a fast tip and lots of backbone for hauling in the big ones must also be able to allow you to work your baits in their required manner. Too heavy of an action rod will detract from the action you can relay to the bait, while also causing the fisherman to tire more rapidly.

REELS - You should try to match your reel to your rod to have a balanced combo, which can be cast all day without wearing you out. High-speed retrieve reels with 6:3 to 1 ratio are a plus. Reels should also be able to hold at least 80-100 yards of 17-20lb monofilament fishing line or 50lb braided line. Reels should also be checked prior to making your trip to make sure the drag is smooth. Peacock bass and payara will definitely test your drag, and if it is not in perfect working order the results could be the loss of your dream fish.

FISHING LINE - In most cases monofilament line of good quality will suffice, but we also use various classes of braided lines when fishing heavy cover. Our most used monofilament line is Trilene Big Game 17-20lb green. We also use 50-80lb braided lines for certain lures and fishing conditions. The braided line we suggest is the Tuff Line XP. This line works equally well on casting or spinning equipment. Remember, these are only suggestions, and you must be comfortable and confident in what you use.

FLY FISHING - Fishing: The best overall results have been had using an 8wt rod with 14-20lb tippet. We have had great success using both large poppers and streamer flies. Hooks should have a wide throat in order to make good hookups, and increase your chances of landing a trophy. Backing should be 17-20lb monofilament. Fishermen wishing to try their luck with payara should have a 9-10wt heavy-action rod with a reel holding extra backing.

LURES - Topwater: Heddon Super Spook, Rebel Jumpin Minnow, Luhr-Jensen Woodchopper 5/8oz, Luhr-Jensen Big Game Woodchopper or Big Game Ripper, Luhr-Jensen Jerk-N-Sam 5/8oz, Storm Lures Magnum Chug-Bug. Sub-surface baits: Yozuri crippled Minnow 5 & 7, Bomber Long-A model 15A & 16A, Bill Lewis Rattletraps & 1oz, Daredevil gold/silver spoons w/2 body 3/4oz wt.

HOOKS AND SPLIT RINGS - Enough cannot be said about purchasing and replacing the original hooks and split rings on all baits you will use while fishing at HFC. We highly suggest you have 4X strong treble hooks in sizes #2, #1, and 1/0. Split rings should be x-strong tempered steel. The majority of big fish are lost not due to fisherman error, but from tackle failure. If you can bend a treble hook using your thumb and forefinger, the peacock bass and payara will straighten it like a sewing needle.

                                                                 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!